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Dear Mr. McCoole

I just wanted to drop you a line about how much I enjoy using CDM Industries CNC machine. I have a model CDM-VICCAM VS1326A series with a 71/2 hp Colombo spindle and a high powered vacuum hold down system.
I got the machine a couple of years ago and at that time I was unsure of the brand or even if I needed a CNC machine at all. I just wanted to say, I made the correct decision on both accounts.
I have used the CNC almost daily since I got it. I am a professional cabinet shop here in San Diego although most of my work involves the design and fabrication of Entertainment centers. Each entertainment center is different in terms of style, features and size. Each one is custom to that customer. I use the machine to cut entire projects. Since the design of the cabinet or entertainment center is already on the CAD system, it is a simple matter to generate a "cut file". The cut file is loaded into the CNC control software and in about 10 minutes, I have all the component parts ready for assembly. The parts fit together perfectly every time.
It really shines when you have to make "hard" parts like large radius arches or stopped dados. In fact, many other cabinet shops come to me to make arches, and fancy engravings for them.

Because of the machine I have branched out to cut projects for anyone that needs it. I have picked up many manufactures of toys, tables, kiosks and special tools, not to mention the occasional person that sends me a .JPG picture of his dog, or other picture wanting an engraving. These projects would have been unthinkable for me a couple of years ago.
I know what your potential customers are thinking.... they are thinking the same thoughts I had at the time. That is, who am I going to get to program it, who am I going to get to operate it, how much do these people cost in salaries, can I program this myself, and what if something goes wrong.

If a potential customer thinks it takes a lot of education, computer knowledge or experience to program and operate this machine, they would be wrong. With the software that you provide with the machine, it's so easy to a point that it is almost trivial. Basically, you just start the CAD software, start a new project (or load in an old one) you tell it what size the material is that you are starting with and how thick it is, then draw what ever you want. The software generates a "Cut File" and does a simulation of what you just made. You then send the cut file into the CNC machine and begin.

When you and your team set the machine up a couple of years ago, it looked pretty frightening in terms of the computer, cabling and the loading of the software. (You have to admit that a computer console in a wood shop is pretty strange). I was worried about what may happen if something went out of alignment, or broke. You assured me that if something happened, you would start with telephone support to see if the problem could be resolved, if not, then it would be escalated to a engineer being sent out to solve the problem. You have engineering support on both coasts.
Since all my parts have to fit together properly and must be square, I do check all my equipment (including the CNC machine) for squareness and repeatability. I check the machine monthly and have two micrometers that I mount to the end of it. I have never found it out more than 0.002 inches. I am totally impressed with the accuracy and reliability.

In closing, the only thing I can say is that I am glad that I stopped by your booth at the Wood Workers show a couple of years ago.

Thanks again,

James Lannom
Bonita Wood Shop
San Diego, CA